Our Technology


Our Technology

At Harner Orthodontics, we’re passionate about creating healthy and attractive smiles for patients of all ages living in Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re visiting us with your child or are interested in finding out how you can benefit from orthodontic treatment, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent orthodontic care and superior service while spending time in our orthodontic office!

In our on-going quest to provide our patients with unparalleled treatment so they can get the perfect smiles of their dreams, we use many advanced technologies to ensure excellent results while enhancing patient comfort and satisfaction. Some of the technologies we utilize at Harner Orthodontics include:

Invisalign Clear Aligners


When it comes to orthodontic appliances, there is nothing more advanced than the Invisalign System. Invisalign has changed how people look at orthodontic treatment since it was first made available in 1999. Unlike conventional braces that are cemented to the teeth, Invisalign consists of a series of clear, removable aligner trays which are designed to gradually and comfortably move teeth, step-by-step until they’re in the optimal position.



Digital X-rays

digital-oral-xray-machieneWe’re proud to offer in-house digital X-rays that are more beneficial than conventional X-rays. Digital X-rays reduce radiation by 80 to 90% and use an electronic sensor instead of X-ray film to capture and store the digital images on a computer. We use the images captured to help plan our patients’ treatment. It is both comfortable and extremely safe to have X-rays taken digitally.












iTero Scanner

dr-harner-itero-with-patientThe iTero Scanner is the very latest technology in intraoral scanning that’s both remarkable and impressive! Using a hand-held scanner while the patient sits back and relaxes, we can capture extremely detailed and accurate 3D scans of the mouth in just a few short minutes. The digital impressions produced by the iTero Scanner can be used to make Invisalign aligner trays or for creating retainers.

itero-3D-image-exampleThe iTero Scanner does not use any metal impression trays or messy putty which means patients never have to worry about gagging or sitting for a prolonged period of time in the treatment chair. We’re very proud to offer the iTero Scanner that makes the process of obtaining the necessary impressions of the teeth fast and easy.


For our patients who want to shorten the time they have to spend wearing braces, we offer an accelerated treatment option called AcceleDent. This is an easy-to-use, hands-free device designed to be used at home for reducing treatment time by up to 50%.

AcceleDent is an incredible device that uses SoftPulse technology that generates small micropulses which work to gently and effectively speed up tooth movement. To use Acceledent, you simply fit the mouthpiece over your orthodontic appliances, turn on the activator and then let Acceledent work for 20 minutes while you sit back and relax.

Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions about any of the technologies we use at Harner Orthodontics, please don’t hesitate to contact us because we’re always happy to speak with you! It’s our mission to exceed your expectations by providing you with the highest quality orthodontic treatment and personalized attention you deserve.