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Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign

A woman at the beach smiling towards the camera wearing Invisalign clear alignersIf you or your teen needs orthodontic care to align your teeth, you may dread the wires and brackets of traditional braces. Fortunately, traditional braces may not be your only option. Our orthodontist in Huntington specializes in Invisalign, a state of the art orthodontic technique that aligns teeth without the metal brace system. To learn more about Invisalign in Huntington Beach, keep reading.

AcceleDent Aura

Whether you opt for traditional braces or Invisalign, you can shorten your treatment time by as much as 50 percent with AcceleDent. All you have to do is bite down on the device for 20 minutes a day.

Invisalign: Before and After

Invisalign helps align teeth as well as correct a number of troublesome dental conditions. Some such conditions Invisalign can help correct include crossbite, overbite, crowing and gaps, among other issues.

Invisalign Care Guide

Caring for your aligners and your teeth doesn't have to be hard. Some things you can do to protect your smile include brush after every meal, keep your aligners clean, keep them away from heat and keep your aligners in a case when they're not in your mouth.

Invisalign FAQ

Have more questions regarding Invisalign and the results it achieves? Visit our FAQ page.

Invisalign Info

What is Invisalign? How does it work? Why choose Invisalign over braces? You likely have several questions to which you want clear answers. You'll find them here.

Invisalign Teen Info

Invisalign Teen comes with a few benefits that Invisalign for adults does not. For instance, the aligners in the Teen versions come with wear marks on the backs of each aligner so that the doctor can be sure patients are wearing the trays.

iTero Digital Impressions

With this state-of-the-art technology, we can create detailed digital impressions of your teeth without the need for the messy and uncomfortable putty that older impression methods called for. It's convenient for both our team and our patients.

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