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Posted on 06/14/2016

AcceleDent - A Faster Way to a Beautiful Smile

At Harner Orthodontics, we're constantly looking for ways to make orthodontic treatment more convenient. That's why in addition to offering traditional braces, we also offer alternative treatments like Invisalign, which eliminates the need for metal brackets and wires. But what if we told you that with just 20 minutes a day, you could cut your treatment time in half - and it didn't require any invasive treatments or new appliances? Sound to good to be true? It's not - it's AcceleDent.

A New Smile, Faster Than Ever Before

That's right - AcceleDent, an exciting supplement to orthodontic treatment, has been shown in clinical trials to reduce orthodontic treatment time by 50%. Approved as a Class II Medical Device by the FDA, AcceleDent works with any form of orthodontic treatment. It works by using patented SoftPulse Technology, which releases small, gentle vibrations - called micropulses - to painlessly accelerate tooth movement, helping your orthodontic treatment do its job and speeding up your overall treatment time. It's simple, effective, and completely safe - and it couldn't be easier to use.


AcceleDent is composed of an activator, which contains all the mechanics necessary to generate the micropulses, and a mouthpiece, which is custom made to fit around your orthodontics. Using it is simple: simply bite down on the mouthpiece hard enough to hold it without your hands, then turn on the activator and leave it in for twenty minutes. That's it! With just twenty minutes of use a day, AcceleDent reduces your treatment time by up to 50% - and its completely hands free, so you're still free to read, surf the Internet, or use your phone while you're using it.

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