Wondering if you can still get orthodontic treatment if you have dental implants, crowns, or other restorations? Find out, then schedule a consultation!

Braces & Dental Implants

Braces & Dental Implants
Posted on 03/29/2019

Can I Get Braces With Dental Implants?

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At Harner Orthodontics, we're proud to provide world-class orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, and the surrounding areas. While many of our patients are adolescents getting braces for the first time, adult orthodontic treatment is becoming more and more popular. And while we can move healthy teeth at any age, many adult patients have already had dental restorations like crowns, fillings, or dental implants, and that leaves them wondering: can I get braces if I've already had dental restorations? As your Huntington Beach orthodontist, we want to shed some light on this common question.

Braces & Dental Implants

Unfortunately, dental implants can't be moved using braces in the way that natural teeth. While implants fuse to the jawbone in a way that provides strong support for a replacement tooth and prevents bone loss, they simply aren't able to shift position in the way that natural teeth can, which means braces can't change their position. That said, it's entirely possible to get braces while missing teeth – and that means we can use braces to correct the alignment of the teeth, then place the implant into proper alignment with your new smile.

Braces with Fillings or Crowns

But what about other types of dental restorations like fillings and crowns? Thankfully, this time you're in luck. While these restorations alter the exposed tooth, they don't alter the underlying tooth root, which means braces can still be used to move the tooth. In this case, your Huntington Beach orthodontist will use a different type of adhesive to attach the bracket to the crown or filling. Alternatively, Invisalign offers an excellent orthodontic treatment option that doesn't require adhesive at all and works well with crowns and fillings.

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We hope this clears up some of your questions surrounding braces and dental restorations, but as always, we're here to help if you still have questions. Even if you have dental implants, there may be a treatment option available to straighten your teeth and help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Want to learn more about how orthodontic treatment can revitalize your life with a new smile? Reach out to us today!